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High Vibrational Ingredients

Sourcing minimally processed, organic ingredients begins with the source: how it’s harvested, extracted, and created. You have the pleasure of experiencing Flower & Bee Synergy. This union is intentional and part of every collection we offer to you.Indulge in the fruits of our labor. 
Each Lip Nectar is made with a base of 7 regenerative food-grade ingredients. This gentle & effective synergy refines + softens + repairs all lip types.
With 3 formulas there's a Lip Nectar (Honey Balm) formulated for you!
High Vibrational Base Ingredients:
100% Unrefined Yellow Beeswax- Purchased directly from a small apiary. Abundant, yellow & fragrant! 
Organic Unrefined Jojoba Oil- Minimally-processed/Cold-pressed in California! 
Fresh Organic Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter-  FRESHLY made in Ghana this year!! We import the shea butter and pay a premium to have it refrigerated while it makes it's journey by boat to Florida! This keeps the rich butters qualities intact!  
Organic Heirloom Cacao Butter- Top tier silky natural moisture. 
Centrifuge Extracted Organic Coconut Oil- Minimally-processed by centrifuge. The cleanest coconut oil on the market. It makes a great difference in performance compared to cold-pressed!
100% Local Austin, Texas Wildflower Honey-  Creamed Wildflower Honey by Good Flow Honey Company helps to attract moisture to your dry lips. The enzymes in honey also help provide a gentle exfoliation and over time softens your lips to perfection. 
Organic Vanilla Extract- Extracted via CO2, ensures there are no contaminates left behind during the extraction process. This extraction method helps to provide long-lasting relief in every Lip Nectar (Honey Balm). 

With love, 

Vanessa De La Cruz

Founder & Owner