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High Vibrational Ingredients

You have the pleasure of experiencing Flower & Bee Synergy. 
Gathering minimally processed, organic ingredients begins with the source. How it’s harvested, extracted, and then manifested. This union is intentional and part of every collection we offer to you.
Indulge in the fruits of our labor.
Each Lip Nectar is made with a beautiful base of 7 regenerative food-grade ingredients.
This gentle & effective synergy refines + softens + repairs all lip types.
With 3 formulas there's a Lip Nectar (Honey Balm) formulated for you! 
High Vibrational Base Ingredients:
100% Unrefined Yellow Beeswax- Purchased directly from a small apiary. Abundant, yellow & fragrant! 
Organic Unrefined Jojoba Oil- Minimally-processed/Cold-pressed in California! 
Fresh Organic Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter-  FRESHLY made in Ghana this year!! We import the shea butter and pay a premium to have it refrigerated while it makes it's journey by boat to Florida! This keeps the rich butters qualities intact!  
Organic Heirloom Cacao Butter- Top tier silky natural moisture. 
Centrifuge Extracted Organic Coconut Oil- Minimally-processed by centrifuge. The cleanest coconut oil on the market. It makes a great difference in performance compared to cold-pressed!
100% Local Austin, Texas Wildflower Honey-  Creamed Wildflower Honey by Good Flow Honey Company helps to attract moisture to your dry lips. The enzymes in honey also help provide a gentle exfoliation and over time softens your lips to perfection. 
Organic Vanilla Extract- Extracted via CO2, ensures there are no contaminates left behind during the extraction process. This extraction method helps to provide long-lasting relief in every Lip Nectar (Honey Balm). 

With love, 

Vanessa De La Cruz

Founder & Owner