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Auric Skin Elixir (Body Glow Oil)
Auric Skin Elixir (Body Glow Oil)

Auric Skin Elixir (Body Glow Oil)

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Flower & Bee Synergy
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Perfect skin & shimmer!

Similar to the hues that sparkle around you, this Auric Skin Elixir is made with natures crushed gems and botanical extracts that encourage skin repair under the sun while leaving a soft vanilla velvet finish.

This light-weight jojoba oil based elixir is infused with real vanilla beans, bright chamomile and a kiss of organic rose along with organic extracts to help perfect and smooth skin! 

Very sparkly with no chunky glitter! Have fun wearing it! 100ml heavy weight glass embossed with a white rose. 

*because this product is natural activate sparkle- shake vigorously before each use! Anoint to skin for a gorgeous aura glow! Fun to wear at night if you’re under lights aneed under the sun. 


Highlight ingredients:  Extracts of Carrot Seed, Black Seed & Calendula to perfect, smooth & support your skin under the sun. 

100ml glass bottle

keep in cool dry place. 

Made for body only. Do not apply to face! 


High Vibrational ingredients: organic jojoba infused with organic vanilla bean, Organic Black Seed Extract, Organic Chamomile Essential Oil, Rose Wax,Organic Carrot Seed Extract Organic Geranium, Organic Rose Otto.