Cloud Cream (Vegan Body Butter)

Cloud Cream (Vegan Body Butter)

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Flower & Bee Synergy
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Calm| Soften| Uplift
Housed in a 2oz glass jar with a white aluminum lid.
Inspired by the magnificent clouds above, Cloud Cream was created to carry away worry & tension. Delight your skin with this nutrient dense skin food, this whipped body butter does not disappoint. Made with a synergy of 4 plant oils: organic yellow shea butter, organic shea olein oil, heirloom cacao butter , centrifuge extracted coconut oil, calming calendula extract and an organic essential oil blend of Lavender, Sweet Vanilla Extract, & citrus notes. This batch has an added herb called"Borututu root" it is a yellow pigment infused in the Shea Butter. Made in blank, locals say it has regenerative qualities. 
Once you experience Cloud Cream, you'll dive in for more..

Apply Cloud Cream to intentionally calm itchy, dry skin. Our intensely moisturizing body butter is m ade with no water so a little goes a long way! We recommend applying a pearl size amount. For a lotion like feel apply on dampened skin.



// HIGH VIBRATIONAL INGREDIENTS// Yellow Shea Butter+ infused with wild borututu root, Cacao Butter+*, Shea Olein Oil+, Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil+. Organic Essential oil blend of: Lavender, Vanilla Extract, Tangerine, Cape Chamomile.