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GODDESS Rose Quartz Bracelet
GODDESS Rose Quartz Bracelet
GODDESS Rose Quartz Bracelet

GODDESS Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Amplify your goddess energy! Wear these rose quartz crystals and find your energy field surrounded with loving vibrations. Soft, sweet and calming energy amplifies your natural glowing beauty!  

Rose Quartz Properties and Characteristics- nurturing, heart expansion, emotional healing, embracing self-love, unconditional love, heart chakra. 

Crystals are our guides. Your intuition will decide what it's needed for, whatever that means to you, let it by thy medicine. 

Adorn your wrists with a gentle loving stone, Rose Quartz. Each stretchy bracelet is handmade and available in two styles. Our 'Chunky Bracelet' (6mm beads) feels heavy and exquisite while our 'Petite Bracelet' (4mm beads) offers a more chic and delicate vibe. Select one or, layer them both. 


1 handmade stretchy rose quartz bracelet 6mm beads or 4mm beads 

stretch fit/fits most wrist sizes

all sales final. 
adult use only.