Almond Mylk

What you need: 

Old & clean T-shirt (to strain the mylk, its easier to work with than cheesecloth)

Large 32oz Glass Mason Jar

Celtic Sea Salt

1 lb of Organic Raw Almonds 

Clean Filtered Water

Organic Vanilla Bean, Powder or Extract

3-5 Organic Mejool Dates 


Prepare the Base:

Rinse your almonds in filtered water. Then, place them in a glass jar and fill with filtered water, making sure the water covers all the almonds. 
Let the solution sit in the fridge for 20 hours, then rinse almond under filtered water and discard old water. Fill the jar back with water making sure almonds are completely submerged.  
Place jar back in the fridge. Repeat Step in 10 hours.  This labor of love will take approximately 60 hours to complete. Almonds will double in size!

Note: The almonds will expand so make sure the almond's are completely covered with water by filling to the very top of the lid. 


Time to Blend & Strain- 

Once 60 hours has passed its time to blend the hydrated almonds with 3 1/2 cups of filtered clean water. Blend until its incorporated. You may need to add more water depending on how thick it is. It may look lumpy, don't worry you'll strain that out!


Strain pulp from liquid. Keep the pulp to dehydrate later if you’d like! Enjoy this tasty mylk! Blend fruit to make a delicious beverage!

5 day shelf life . 

DIY strainer! Cut an old and clean T-shirt into an nut milk bag! Use this to strain the almond pulp from the liquid. Or use your nut mylk bag!

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