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We BEElieve in pampering with purpose that's why our five-star customer reviewed lip balm, Glow Honey Balm, is supercharged with 6 All-Natural High Vibrational food-grade ingredients like heirloom cacao butter from Mexico & local Austin, Texas honey!
We are committed to GLOW above & beyond the current worldwide beauty & business industry standards by sourcing high vibrational botanicals from small artisan suppliers. This high valued standard ensures we receive pure & potent botanical extracts while investing into an artisans offering. Read our reviews and discover why our one-of-a kind lip balm simply works!
 Buy our Lip Balm online as a subscription or at a Local Pop-Up Market listed on our Calender! 
Subscribers are automatically entered in exclusive giveaways, reduced shipping for limited edition purchases and more coming soon!
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