Organic Strawberry Birthday Cake *Semi-Homemade Recipe EASY*

I have made this strawberry cake every year for my family. It taste of REAL natural strawberries because it's made with real strawberries! No artificial flavoring! So easy to make and everyone will adore it! This recipe will be your go-to for birthday cake. It's not overly sweet like most cakes and the flavor profile is so good it's hard to believe it started with a organic cake mix! Here's how to make it...


Organic Strawberry Cake

1  Miss Jones Organic Vanilla Cake Mix (photo attached below recipe)

1- 2 oz Crushed Freeze Dried Organic Strawberries (This will add the natural strawberry flavor you love)

1 Cup of Homemade Strawberry Sauce (I have a recipe for that here)

1/2 Cup of High Quality melted Butter like Grassfed



Directions: Substitute milk/water for your Homemade Strawberry Sauce and add in your crushed freeze-dried strawberries. Then follow the instructions on the label. Bake, cool and decorate your Strawberry Birthday Cake! 

**Batter will be thicker than a traditional cake batter. That's what you want. Trust the process**


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