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Flower Power Superfood Cacao Bars

Enjoy this healthy + supercharged chocolate treat! Easily customizable for each season and quick snack to put together using superfoods you already have! 
1 cup Organic Unsulfured Unsweetened Coconut Flakes (you may sub carrots if you have an allergy)
4 Tbls Organic Cacao Powder
1.5 Tbls Cacao Nibs
1 Tbls Organic Chocolate Chips
1/8 Cup of your choice of Chopped Unsalted Nuts - I chose Organic Raw Unsalted Almonds
1/4 Tsp Organic Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean
1/2 Tsp of Celtic Salt
6 Tbls of Organic Coconut Butter - or your choice of a nut butter
Heavy Drizzle of Manuka Honey, Local Honey, Date Syrup or Pure Maple Syrup 
Edible Flowers
**feel free to sub any of the ingredients! You can use Almond Butter, Goji Berries, Pecans, Sprinkles, Spirulina, Butterfly Pea Powder, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, Carrots.... the options are endless! Tag us if you make it :) @FLOWERANDBEESYNERGY
In a mixing bowl combined all dry ingredients first then, combined wet ingredients. Mix on medium speed until it looks like soil LOL You know it's ready when you can form a ball!
Next take the mixture form a ball and flatten with a tortilla presser or rolling pin. Cut off sides to form a rectangle. Decorate top with edible flowers. Chill in fridge for 20 mins before serving. Store contents in fridge. SHELF LIFE: 1 WEEK. 
 Let me know below if you love it! 
With Joy, 


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  • This sounds delicious! I am going to give this recipe a try. Thank you! p.s i love lip nectar! can’t wait for the holiday collection!

    Katie B.

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